Revan has forged an army with a single purpose: to change the galaxy forever.
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 Rules of the Revanites

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PostSubject: Rules of the Revanites   Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:15 pm


The Order of Revan is your chance to evolve; to remake yourself into a greater being. We have an assortment of rules for others to learn from so that they may not waste this chance, this experience. You are expected to stay true to our standards just as we Revanites are, as it is a way to form coinciding order for all. Enforcement will be executed appropriately and fairly―consequences can only be evoked by your actions and choices.

1. Show Respect - Respect is a form of honor. You must be able to regard others with maturity and appropriate behavior―otherwise, you might provoke an unwelcoming retaliation. If you are caught as the reason behind such trouble, you will be kicked or banned, depending the extremes to which you've taken offense and defiance.

2. No Trolling - From our forums to our server, provoking anger―in the form of spam, mockery, and such―will not be tolerated, and a moderator will report and ban you if you are caught in the act of such irresponsibility. An unban is non-negotiable until the Leadership Council feels otherwise on the matter of your request.

3. Show Maturity - Childish behavior is not encouraged or welcome within the Order of Revan. It is advised that you refrain from acting like a nuisance, or you will be addressed by a moderator personally and ordered to refrain from your current behavior. Should you persist in your immaturity, you will be kicked or banned―temporarily or permanently―depending on the extremity of your display.

4. No Teamkilling - Teamkilling is strictly prohibited―this defines the act of damaging or sabotaging players on your team ingame. If it is taken humorously and no harm has truly been done, then you are free of consequences. But if that is not the case, you will be banned―temporarily or permanently―depending on the extremity of your teamkilling, assuming the TK meter does not ban you first.

5. No Recruiting/Advertising - The Order of Revan's territory, in terms of recruitment and advertisement, is confined only to its base. If this is recognized as an ongoing and perhaps encouraged habit among other clans, they will be classified as enemies of the Revanites and larger measures will be taken.

Code of Conduct:
The moderators among the Revanites are always to enforce appropriately:

  • Abusive measures will not be taken.
  • All points will be considered.
  • Any suspects will be judged fairly.
  • Players from others clans caught violating our standards will be incriminated.
  • Every moderator within the Order of Revan will take responsibility for their actions.
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Rules of the Revanites
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