Revan has forged an army with a single purpose: to change the galaxy forever.
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 Ranks of the Revanites

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PostSubject: Ranks of the Revanites   Sat Nov 22, 2014 2:37 pm

The Order of Revan contains different divisions with which differentiated members can use to let their specific talents grow: the Military division is based on the work of a soldier, wielding weapons such as blasters and operating as Infantry under the command of the Admiral; the Traditional division allows others to embrace the skills and powers common among Jedi and Sith under the command of the Master; the Shadows serve as the Master's personal assassins, directed through the words of the Vice Commander.

Military Ranks – Evolvable by experience
General: A General assumes overall command of the Military and tactically commands it, answerable only to the Admiral.
Commander: A Commander operates as the General's conduit in initiating tactical commands.
Captain: A Captain situationally manages the lower ranks within the Revanite Military.
Lieutenant: A Lieutenant possesses order-authority over a Sergeant and Private.
Sergeant: A Sergeant is an experienced soldier recently recruited into the Revanite Military.
Private: A Private is a newly accepted soldier.

Traditional – Evolvable by trials
Overlord: An Overlord assumes overall superiority over the traditional Revanites and leads them in battle, whilst being able to train Adepts and below, answerable only to the Master.
Inquisitor: An Inquisitor is a second overall superior charged by their Overlord with specific tasks.
Overseer: An Overseer is responsible for initiating the Revanites.
Adept: An Adept is an Acolyte who possesses exceptional combat skills and must complete the final trial of choices.
Acolyte: An Acolyte is an Initiate who has undergone the rebirth process and is now directed to devote time to understanding the ways of Revan.
Initiate: An Initiate is a newly accepted member of the traditional Revanites obligated to complete the trial of the past.

Shadows – Maintained as assassins
Shadow: The Shadows are held in special reserve per the Master's behest, directed through the words of the Vice Commander.
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Ranks of the Revanites
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