Revan has forged an army with a single purpose: to change the galaxy forever.
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 Trials of the Revanites

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PostSubject: Trials of the Revanites   Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:35 pm

The Order of Revan's traditional division offers a special path to power, the path neither Jedi nor Sith—yet you must demonstrate your understanding of the ways of Revan in order to evolve. To do this, you must face the Revanite Trials of rebirth, understanding, and choices.

Trial of Rebirth: The trial of rebirth is an examination of your past. You must recognize your burdens, your mistakes, your actions, your identity; then you must be willing to abandon it all through your allegiance with the ways of Revan. After this is done, you must battle the Master himself so it is now known what your natural abilities are and how you can be evolved. When your Overseer deems you ready for the next trial awaiting, you will proceed.

Trial of Understanding: The trial of understanding is your chance to express what you believe Revan's ways are and how they would affect specific aspects in one's character. During this, you will be questioned accordingly:

Revan wrote:
1. Why did Revan offer power to all seekers?
2. What can you do for the Order in Revan's name?
3. How do we respond to accusations of heresy?

Trial of Choices: The trial of choices is the final test that awaits you. This not only tests your knowledge of the ways of Revan, but it also defines who and what you are as well as how your mind works. Through the ways of Revan, you learn the truth of yourself:

Revan wrote:
1. You travel with a companion and have encountered complications as a result of the other's crime. You and this companion are captured and separated. If you both remain silent, one year in prison for each of you. However, call your companion a traitor, and they will serve five years, while you serve none. He is offered the same deal, but if you both accuse the other, you both serve two years. What do you do? What do you trust them to do?

2. You are at war. Deciphering an intercepted code, you learn two things about your enemy. A single spot in their defense will be at its weakest within ten days, and they will attack one of your cities within five days. What do you do with this information? What is the most efficient course of action?

3. Remove the ongoing war from the previous example. Consider enemy states to be weak and remote. With no external threat, your empire stagnates. Your people become complacent and begin to question you. Same scenario as before; you discover an impending attack, but also a weakness that will come after. What do you do?

Conducting a Trial
Overseers have instructions when conducting a Revanite's trial. These are the specifications:

  • Make certain a Revanite is answering truthfully.
  • Do not allow the trialed Revanite to avoid or deflect any questions.
  • The substitute for failure of correct understanding is a trial by combat.
  • Total trial failure requires a waiting period of one week to make another attempt.

There can be no exceptions to any of these specifications for any Revanite, for Revan will not suffer the weak.
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Trials of the Revanites
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